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The Best People

Patriot Manufacturing was started in 2012 and was built by assembling an experienced team of individuals that has over 100 years of experience, collectively.

The top talent at Patriot has over 20 years of machining experience, has been working as a journeyman, and are certified CAD/CAM instructors. Not to mention many years specializing in multiple spindle, multiple turret, and live tooling machines.

The Best Facility

Our 18,000 square-foot, climate controlled facility is conveniently located in Plymouth, MI at the intersection of M14 and I-275. Currently, 17,000 sq. ft. is devoted towards manufacturing, with 40% of the shop floor available for future growth. The remainder of the building is devoted towards design, engineering, sales, and marketing.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Patriot Manufacturing is a rapidly growing, ISO 9001:2015 certified, company specializing in the engineering and machining of precision parts from prototype to full production.


Patriot Manufacturing’s prototyping ability lies in its high tech, multi axis CNC capability along with the intellectual capacity to fully utilize the machine’s strengths.

The combination of technology and high level manpower allows Patriot Manufacturing to keep costs low while providing a high quality prototyping service.

High Volume Production

Patriot Manufacturing has the ability to shift from prototype-level machining to full volume, high production output. Patriot utilizes bar feeds and quality checkpoints to maintain low cost, high quality, at high volume.

Example Parts We’ve Produced

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